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Friday, September 08, 2023

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Time to face the music!

Hold on to your seats, folks!

I am about to shed another perspective on two popular movies you probably didn't think about and why they are we now have profound challenges.

Watching "The Woman King " and "Black Panther 1& 2" triggered many of the challenges I try to overcome in society today. It reminds me of my journey of battling my skin tone. The portrayal of the dark-skinned black woman protecting the "King" and being a woman "king" is sad. I understand that most of us are on the unfavorable list, but this took it to another level. Furthermore, they shave her head or give her some guy look to make be more masculine in the movie. She also has him move like a man is sent on missions that men with plenty of strength should go on. Okay, I am not saying women can't be warriors, but this took it too far. At this point, I wanted to see how far this rabbit hole goes. Especially in Woman King, the main character is having flashbacks of being repeatedly gang raped and how she is setting out to get her revenge. Let's add some more spice to this narrative; she is thrown in a cage! The Black Panther movies are no better, either. Wakanda Forever Folks on the backs of black women!

Children are watching this unconsciously, taken in how to treat women in these movies that we so-called great. You never took account of this type of woman because you have just seen her today. I could go on forever and go through an even deep analysis of it, but this would make this post too long than it is. The message I took from it is the following:

she can't rest

she doesn't need protected

she is a man that can fight her battles

she can be thrown away like cattle.

What about just right? You see, we think that we have a racism issue, but the colorism story goes deep than you think. Every day I wake up, I mourn that life I lived, seeing how defaced I am perceived. Dont worry; I see myself as extremely valuable and have a high self-extreme of a 10. It took the first 20 years of my life to understand this condition, it sunk in, and I was ready for anything the world had to throw at me. But I mourn my dark skin sisters who have to endure the challenges symbolic in that movie, and you wonder why we have mental issues.

She is the creed

She is the sacrifice

She is the most exploited but does the most service

And to tell her to get the hell up after you throw at the sword the day before is beyond me

Every day she shows up and prays for a better tomorrow, knowing she will be acknowledged one day.

That leads me to my message; I am very conscious of this level of abuse and will scream to the mountain, valleys, trees, and everywhere to do the following. STOP DEFACING THE DARK SKIN BLACK WOMAN. She has a place in society and she matters. POINT BLANK, PERIOD!

I rest my case. Want to learn more about how deep the rabbit hole goes? Check out the video below.


Stay in Peace!


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