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Mindless Behaviors:

Breaking Through Unseen Barriers

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This isn't your average book. It's a one-of-a-kind guide that walks you through seven unique stories, teaching you how to overcome deeply ingrained patterns that may be holding you back. It's about recognizing your masks, unlocking the power of effective communication, and breaking free from any unconscious biases.

If you're ready to change the way you perceive your circumstances, if you're prepared to confront your shortcomings head-on, this book is for YOU. Together, let's take the journey towards awakening the God within!

Written by author Beatrice Adenodi, people activator, marketing Professional, awareness advocate, and the founder of Mirror Ink, this book is a treasure chest of insights drawn from her vast personal, professional, and social experiences.

What's stopping you? Nothing should. Let's shed light on those Mindless Behaviors and set a course for success, growth, and a brand new better you.​

Untapped potential

If you've ever felt any of these below, then it's time to take a meaningful look at the root cause:​

  • Trapped: by negative cycles or patterns and you can’t break free
  • Hiding: behind a mask, playing a role rather than being your true authentic self
  • Stuck: feeling you are merely surviving, rather than truly living

If any of these feelings resonate with you, then you are certainly not alone. Countless people struggle with these very same issues and cycles. 

The good news is...they can all be solved!

Moments matter

(Every Experience Matters)

Are you tired of playing by the rules and still feeling stuck? The reason might be those pesky mindless behaviors standing between you and your success.

Mindless Behaviors silently control your decisions, sabotage your relationships, and keep you from reaching your highest potential.

But worry not! By breaking free from these patterns, you will unlock a world of growth and happiness. You can say goodbye to unresolved conflicts, career stagnation, and unfulfilled dreams.

Wouldn't you agree it's time to take action and shatter that glass ceiling once and for all?

Evolve Your World!

The ultimate key to breaking barriers

Prepare for a mind-blowing journey as Beatrice Adenodi's game-changing book, Mindless Behaviors: Breaking through Unseen Barriers becomes your guiding light out of the self-destructive maze.

Through captivating tales, Beatrice will arm you with the tools to identify, face head-on, and triumph over those sneaky obstructions that sabotage your happiness and successful achievements.

Get ready to level up your life like never before as you uncover the secrets to uncovering your true potential. This book is your map to an extraordinary future!

Uncover the unseen forces steering your life and reclaim your power and potential


Learn to decode the major mindless behaviors that influence your actions


Acquire practical strategies to break toxic cycles and reclaim your destiny

Renewed Thinking

Discover how paradigm shifts in perception can reshape your life

Activated Potential

 Venture into realms of possibility you never thought existed


Uncover the immense power of effective communication


Learn to perceive your circumstances and actions in a transformative way

Ground breaking

Imagine how different your life will be when you shatter any barriers holding you back.

This isn't a fantasy, but a reality for those who want to develop  personally and professionally.

This book that acts as a beacon, illuminating the path out of the labyrinth of self-destruction.

Using powerful narratives, Beatrice Adenodi helps you identify, confront, and conquer any barriers to unlock a new level of success and fulfillment.

Don't just take our word for it...

Fabulous book!

I really enjoyed this book - I was able to see facets of myself reflected in each story, and loved that each chapter finished with reflection exercises.

I took this book to heart and spent some time after each chapter reflecting and writing with the prompts to guide me and came out of it with new knowledge of myself, and new ways of interpreting life situations. Spend some time with this book and I bet you’ll have a similar experience!

growth  &  REFLECTION

Mindless Behaviors is a series of short stories with characters in normal situations that I think everyone can identify with.

In these stories, the characters repeat some auto-destructive behaviors and the point of the book it's to reflect on them so each of us can fix them!
At the end of each story the author has a section for you to answer some questions and reflect yourself.

Excellent Book!

Mindless Behaviors weaves allegory with the understanding of our underlying metaphorical context of the world. It is well crafted, evoking hubris to humor, but ultimately lending a mirror into sub/unconscious behaviors and bias that we all universally share. Your take-away will be personal to you, but the perspectives in leadership, CDI—culture, inclusion, and diversity, and self-awareness are more important than ever across our enterprises, work teams, families, and throughout our communities.

Unlock the mysteries of the mind and transform your life


This isn't just theory, but Beatrice Adenodi's life story. As a first-generation Nigerian-American immigrant, she battled the odds, building a successful business from scratch. The tools and wisdom she used to surmount her challenges are distilled in this book, offering you a powerful weapon to shatter any invisible chains

you get more than a book - you gain a roadmap to a life of success and fulfillment.

"Mindless Behaviors" is a mirror held up to your life, reflecting unseen barriers and empowering you to smash through them.

a journey toward self-discovery 

Part One

  • The Masks We Wear
  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Enabling Bad Behavior
  • ​Not Following Your Intuition

Overcome these and many more

Imagine a life where you're in control, free from invisible barriers holding you back, and living at your full potential.

Part two

  • Seeking a Quick Fix
  • Letting the Past Affect the Present
  • Living in Pandemonium
  • The God Within

Unpack your real and full potential

Embark on the most important journey you'll ever experience – the journey towards your best and brightest life!

create your destiny


Not only do you get this insightful book, but you can also embark on a transformative path that includes our Masterclass, community, and 9-Step Program, aimed at rooting out specific behaviors keeping you stuck in unconscious patterns.

We are confident that "Mindless Behaviors" will offer you valuable knowledge. However, if for any reason you don't feel the same, we offer a Personal Service Guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

Remember, life doesn't wait!

Evolve Your World!

Each moment you delay is a moment you remain in your current patterns.
Order now and start your journey to growth and transformation today!

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